Mecesci Cloudchaser

Tabaxi Monk


Mecesci is bold. Noone would ever accuse her of not showing the courage, or sometimes the stupidity, to stick her nose somewhere it might not belong. She has been traveling for a while now, since her tribe, the Hassa, decided her last prank was a little too much for them. She is curious to a fault, but does not care for the material things in much of the same way others do, preferring to travel light, always on the move towards the next new and exciting thing. When she was growing up, the elders did not think she had the discipline to get “official” training, so Mecesci focused on turning her charisma and quick reflexes into her weapons, her quick wit and natural claws helping her to embrace the more feral side of her ancestry, lashing out quickly and dodging nimbly.

She does miss her home sometimes, but she would never admit it. She wanders the world looking for something. She isn’t quite sure what yet, but she knows it will come someday. And then she can show her people, tell the stories of her travels. No more will they remember her as a young silly prankster, but instead see her as a valuable member of the tribe, bringing knowledge and wisdom from distant lands. All the years of growing up, and worshipping the Outriders, the scouts of her people. So swift of feet, and perceptive of the wild woods they roam, she dreamed one day to have the same freedom to explore, and challenge herself.

Mecesci Cloudchaser

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