The Northern Conflict

Where we are

The countries of Damara and Narfell have been warring neighbors for as long as the two countries have existed. Each seeking to claim the lions share of scarce resources that dot the frosty winterland of northern faerun. 

For now the two countries are in an uneasy armistice as several leading factions in both lands sue for peace and an opening of borders for trade and stability. All the while internal conflict, starvation, strife, and espionage endanger the few hopes anyone has for a lasting and true friendship of these lands. 

In the background of all this several young and intrepid adventurers have been having terrible nightmares. Nightmares of even greater death tolls, hellfire, and demons. The dreams have driven them relentlessly to one place……one……tavern, in the center of Damara in a city named Heliogabalus. Where they meet each other for the first time, never knowing how it would change their lives, and maybe….the world



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